Friday, 12 August 2011


So Terraria. It's a pretty cool game, and alot of people are oh it's just a 2D Minecraft. In some ways it is. But after you play it, they seem barely similar.

The Combat man. It's way crazier in Terraria then it is in Minecraft. As soon as you start up a new world, you got this little green slime guys trying to kill you, and you don't even know what you did to the poor guys. There so many different enemies. And I only played for maybe an hour (or three...). I saw some slimes, in a varity of colors. I figured out that the colors mean how tough and likely the slimes are to kill you. Green, is easy. Blue it starts getting hard, will probably die to it. Red Harder then blue yellow is harder then red. Didnt see any others till this big ol black slime start roflpwning me. had like 90 health which was a huge jump from yellow which had like 45 i think. I got owned so hard by that thing. Thats all I managed to see as far as monster went. But I've seen videos of Big skeleton guys that you can summon or something to fight. Boss monsters. I like that, just adds another challenge to a game.

The Crafting. Not going to lie here on the internet, but i love the crafting system in Terraria vs Minecraft's crafting system. One thing there seems to be waaaay more you can create. Like a barrel, used for brewing or looms or candles or anvils, etc. And that it shows what you can create with your current inventory stock, and if you have the materials, you don't need to put them into some crazy shape thing. Cause you know minecraft you had to do that :P. It'll just make it for you, I like the simplicity and the huge variety of things you can create in Terraria.

Building, I like it, just took a bit to get used to it, too used to playing minecraft. Point and click, you have your self a placed block. Now i like that you create back walls. These blocks you place behind everything else. Kinda like scenery, it helps make you humble home look like a humble home, or your massive castle look like a massive castle. Not really much to say about the building portion though, other then you can build other "homes" and if your character or supplies meet the requirement, NPC's will move into these houses. I haven't gotten this far in the game myself, but it sounds like it could be awesome.

All in all, so far from my playing experience of this game, I'm probably going to pour hours into this game.
As usual could you guys please give me some ideas on games i could pickup or try? Thanks!


  1. I love Terraria so much, it's a big adventure!

  2. Terraria is fun, but I still prefer Minecraft.

  3. I wish I could get my damn server to work so I could play with my girlfriend.

  4. Thanks for the post I didn't know this game existed!

  5. Terraria reminds me of a Maple Story/Minecraft combo.


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