Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Well I'm done my random 1 week hiatus.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I personally thought it was a good movie. I haven't seen any of the previous movies, but now i have this urge to go watch them. The Apes looked ridiculously real. Like the monkeys you see at the Zoo. It was pretty sick. The story was cool and it seemed that you didn't have to have any prior knowledge of the movies to understand what was happening, which was nice for someone like me who had never seen any of the previous movies.

I recommend watching this movie if you haven't.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dragon Age Origins

I just picked this game up. Yeah I'm a little late on playing it, cause the second one is already out, but it still a fantastic game. I pick a rogue :d

The story is cool.Pretty captivating in my opinion. But i do not like the 20minute speeches some of the characters you encounter oh so enjoy telling you. Yeah become too easy to just skip then miss some important info that you didn't realize you needed. and forgot how to use the stupid quest log thing. Cause thats just how i roll.

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up. send you guy to attack and click some buttons every once in a while. Choosing what skills you use and keeping health mana or stamina up is fun. As long as you don't get  owned from not having enough potions and the huge boss dude just owned you. I'm only like level 8 or so, but picking the stats and stuff seemed pretty easy to completely screw up your character, so i just keep hitting auto level, I want to enjoy the game, not be punished= due to i didn't know what the balls i was doing.

I'm still playing through the game, and it appears to be a very long game itself. Hope the DLC's are all just as good as the actual game. :d I'll post more when i have finished the game!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Minecraft Updates!

Few new Minecraft updates have been announced. In 1.8 there will be more meats. Awesome, now you can kill a cow and get what we all know you really wanted. A delicious steak. Or if you a lamb fan, kill those damn sheep to get some delicious lamb steaks...? Everyone loves more food!

Bethesda is still trying to sue Mojang  for the use of Scrolls. This makes me want to make my entire blog about "scrolls" just to see what happens. Maybe make a really bad game called Scrolls. Notch sent them a pretty funny letter, so I'll do the single greatest function developed for Computers. COPY PASTE! This will be at the bottem of the post due to blogger doesn't want to let me get out of italicized text. Stupid blogger.

It appears the rivers will now be randomly generated in the world! This could be awesome mixed with the ravines and such. or be really annoying somehow in a way I cant think of at this time.

Let me know if i missed anything. I probably did.

"Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins.

If we win, you drop the lawsuit.

If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with."

OH GODDAMNIT if i get stuck in this itallic shit again. turn it off but hasnt turned off. awesome. HOW FUN. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Doritos Crash Course

This is a pretty interesting game. Its for the Xbox 360 and its completely free. You play as your Xbox live avatar. The game is much like the TV show Wipeout.

I, right now had to put down my controller to come write this. I couldn't stop playing this game. Doesn't help that I can't not go for all the achievements when a game only has 16 of them. But, it is a fun game. Even more so when you start playing with up to 3 of your friends.

Game is simple really, you move your guy, jump, sprint and duck your way to victory. Dodge the hammers, hit the trampolines and fly along the fans. Extremely simple but on the later levels really hard as well to get gold medal time on them.

If you have a Xbox 360 and you haven't already, I recommend downloading it and at least give it a try. Its only about 15mb so it won't take up much space on your hard drive.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Razer DeathAdder

Yesterday I got the Razer Deathadder. So these are my thoughts on it.

The Design, to my eye, it's a very nice looking mouse. And it fits my hand perfectly, I've had my hand on this mouse for a few hours or so and I've found it's extremely comfortable to use. The black body and blue lights just looks sick. I wish you could change the colors but that's only on the top model of mice, the Razer Mamba. Oh well.

The sensitivity is amazing. I have it set to max and I like how fast it is and how fast it reacts to the movements. It being a wired mouse there is 0 lag between movement of my hand and movement of the cursor on my screen.

I still haven't set any up, but Macros sound like they could be seriously useful. One of my friends has a macro that opens up and signs him into World of Warcraft. I personally thought that was pretty cool. Now I don't play WoW, but I'm looking into trying to set mine up to open up my blog or sign me into starcraft 2. But for now i have the couple extra buttons set to copy and paste because I'm just cool like that :d.

I would recommend this mouse to anyone. and for under $50 on newegg, it's not to pricey either for such a good mouse :P.

The Razer Deathadder one ->


I'm back! I'll be posting another review tonight, at the usual time I post my reviews and other things.

Friday, 12 August 2011


I've got some family business going on this week end so i wont be able to post anything till maybe monday. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!


So Terraria. It's a pretty cool game, and alot of people are oh it's just a 2D Minecraft. In some ways it is. But after you play it, they seem barely similar.

The Combat man. It's way crazier in Terraria then it is in Minecraft. As soon as you start up a new world, you got this little green slime guys trying to kill you, and you don't even know what you did to the poor guys. There so many different enemies. And I only played for maybe an hour (or three...). I saw some slimes, in a varity of colors. I figured out that the colors mean how tough and likely the slimes are to kill you. Green, is easy. Blue it starts getting hard, will probably die to it. Red Harder then blue yellow is harder then red. Didnt see any others till this big ol black slime start roflpwning me. had like 90 health which was a huge jump from yellow which had like 45 i think. I got owned so hard by that thing. Thats all I managed to see as far as monster went. But I've seen videos of Big skeleton guys that you can summon or something to fight. Boss monsters. I like that, just adds another challenge to a game.

The Crafting. Not going to lie here on the internet, but i love the crafting system in Terraria vs Minecraft's crafting system. One thing there seems to be waaaay more you can create. Like a barrel, used for brewing or looms or candles or anvils, etc. And that it shows what you can create with your current inventory stock, and if you have the materials, you don't need to put them into some crazy shape thing. Cause you know minecraft you had to do that :P. It'll just make it for you, I like the simplicity and the huge variety of things you can create in Terraria.

Building, I like it, just took a bit to get used to it, too used to playing minecraft. Point and click, you have your self a placed block. Now i like that you create back walls. These blocks you place behind everything else. Kinda like scenery, it helps make you humble home look like a humble home, or your massive castle look like a massive castle. Not really much to say about the building portion though, other then you can build other "homes" and if your character or supplies meet the requirement, NPC's will move into these houses. I haven't gotten this far in the game myself, but it sounds like it could be awesome.

All in all, so far from my playing experience of this game, I'm probably going to pour hours into this game.
As usual could you guys please give me some ideas on games i could pickup or try? Thanks!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Yeah, so I'm really pissed off right now. Just a bunch of retarded things have happened. Aha, okay not actually. This is about Id's new game RAGE and the creators of the FPS genre look like they have another masterpiece on their hands. I've been casually following it, but now that is coming so, oh so very close to its release date, I've started to follow it a bit more closely.

Now I personally like the idea of the different ammo types. Brings a ton of variety in ways you can kill your enemies. I know other games have done this, but I don't know of any games that have mind control ammo. Mind control ammo just sounds extremely bad ass to me. Using your enemies to explode other enemies just appeals to me. And you have the classic stuff like exploding and electricity. Which are awesome in their own right.Strategy starts to turn its head as well. Enemies in the water. Electric bolts, Problem solved. Same thing with explosive ammo involving enemies near big crates/barrels with fire symbols on them. Problem solved.

The game it self looks amazing. The whole environment looks beautiful, maybe not so unique, as there has been  a few post apocalypse games released in recent years. It looks like they did it right though. And they say it's going to still run at 60 fps on current consoles. I'm going to pay to see that, cause my computer would probably up and died if i tried to play it. The animations look very good, and it appears that each character you talk to has their own facial animations. So you won't be looking at the exact same animation for most of the game when you to talk to someone.

The story is basic. Tyrannical oppressors trying to rule the wastelands, and a resistance fighting against them. Big and innovative story right? But the story appears to be implemented well, and told well so that it isn't you have to read some books to understand what is actually happening or go out of your way to see how the Authority is beating the shit out of the people. Yup. In before that's the story of Starcraft which you said you like so much. I'm allowed double standards too D:

I forgot what i was going to put here. Derp. I'll update later when i remeber what i was going to put for this part.  HAHA I remembered! The whole being able to make it into a "thinking mans game" via the engineering thing is pretty cool IMO. Explosive RC car and buildable (Proper spelling?) turrets and other things sound pretty cool and could add to the game immensely. Also that boomerang of death. I like the concept and hope it lives up to the awesomeness i have pictured in my big head. :d
I just see a game game that's going to be winning awards out of the wazoo. Small video for those who haven't seen anything on RAGE yet. Id's Got another good game on their hands man, I cannot wait to play this game.

THATS ALL FOR NOW. Also Suggest a game i should take a look at or buy or what ever. I've only played a small selection of games. :p

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Starcraft 2

One of the games I've been playing for the past while, and I have to say, I'm liking it so far. To bad I'm possibly the worst player on the North American ladder. But Gameplay wise, it's simple. I do believe it's one of those games that is easy to learn, but near impossible to master. Yeah, I've still got to learn lots, like more then one build order. ( Cause you know Marines Marauders and Medivacs wins you every game you play)

I got Starcraft 2 a little over 4 months ago,but only recently beat the Campaign. Yeah it isn't the first thing I did, I was more interested in playing multiplayer, which of course, when i managed to cheesed my way into Gold, i straight up stop playing ladder. Why? because these guys destroyed me in every sense of the word. I cheesed my way into Gold, when I had never played a actual game of Starcraft. EVER. I do own the first one, but i just played custom maps on it, didn't play the campaign. Now that being last season, I figure I could go down to maybe worse then bronze, play the placement match, just make scvs, loss horribly like planed. BUT NOOOOO, Blizzard amazing placement device of no fun and lolz, stuck me back in Gold, well I'm like 100th on the Ladder and still haven't moved down. Guess I haven't lost enough games yet.

Anyways enough about how shitty I am at Starcraft. Heart of the Swarm is coming out soon, and after the campaign of Wings of Liberty, I'm actually kind of excited for the new campaign. I really enjoyed the twist at the end of the campaign. Although Tycus was my favorite character throughout the story. He was properly portrayed as a genuine badass. And he did what he had to do.I should stop rambling. So old news is old, and I'm almost certain that Blizzard won't release any more information on Heart of the Swarm till Blizzcon. This time the story is about Kerrigan is out and about trying to reunite the swarm. Sounds good and bad. On one hand, if she really is back to human, she could use the swarm against this impending doom of the Hybrid, talked about in the first campaign. Or she could just royally screw over everyone that had a part in here Humanization, via gaining everyone's trust and exploiting it. I really don't think the latter will happen, but you never know, could make for a very interesting plot twist.

Custom Maps. Oh man there are a lot of them. and DotA is back in the form of SotIS or something like that. I was never a big fan of DotA, could never seem to get my mind around playing, so i could never pick up games like League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth. Probably won't play DotA 2 either. A few games I did quite enjoy, one of them being Squadron Tower Defense and Mineralz.   Squadron is unique, in the tower defense as, your towers are not really towers. After you build/upgrade them they sit there like regular towers, but when the round starts, they act like units, and they can't be controlled so you gotta place your "towers" strategically so that your tanking tower can tank and your weak ass damage towers can kill everything in site. Even though I've found early on, get the tank towers, they suck less. The other custom game is Mineralz, a base survival custom map. You got your little probe guy who can destroy rocks that you destroy to make a base. PRO TIP, if you ever play, you want the smallest entrance and dig out rocks to make a base. You mine different minerals that are used to build various structures, such as, walls to keep the bad dudes out, cannons to blast the shit out of the bad dudes, Healers to heal that wall so it doesn't die on you, Generators, to power those cannons and healers, cause the game would be to easy if they didn't need to be powered and there are a few combo towers, a cannon wall, generator wall, and a generator cannon. Yup thats pretty music the basics of that custom map.

Well that us my Starcraft post, I'll probably make another after Blizzcon, and my ramblings on the updates.

Also Suggest games i could check out! :D  I'll Put images After I'm done being Lazy. :d

This the song i was listening to on repeat the whole time i was writing thing O.o my brain is full of win right now

Monday, 8 August 2011


So with Skyrim just over the horizon, I figure I would post my opinions on oblivion, and other things related to it.

So, Oblivion, probably one of the best games i have played in my short existence. The Story, I mean that book you get to play in side of as the main character. I completely and utterly loved the story line. At some points I felt compelled to do the action just out of personal character, like saving a kitten out of a tree, it just felt right. I couldn't put this game down when i started playing it, I had to beat it in one sitting, (as much displeasure that caused my parents ahaha), it just drew me in.

The gameplay, to me was awesome, other then the magic which i used never. I could never seem to figure the whole quick spell switching, thinking about it now, I'd use the term clunky, just wasn't a smooth transition between spells and it was just to much for my younger self to deal with. So i stuck to thwacking the shit outta my enemies. :D The Melee combat was extremely easy to pick up, smack smack, block smack, so of course for me easier controls the better.
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All the Extra Stuff, man holy man, I think when i was playing, i believed that each guild quest line was as long as the main quest line, so i mostly ignored the guilds on my very first play through. But when i started dealing with the guilds, i found that the dark brotherhood was the first one i started playing with, well as it seemed the easiest to do, go kill an innocent person and boom, your invited. As a 12-13 year playing this, It was on the edge of ridiculous badassery to be an assassin. so of course that was the only guild i ever dealt with, untill i picked it up again recently and wanted to enjoy all the guilds and DLC which i don't know was around when it first came out. I have to say though my favorite guild has to still be the dark brotherhood. Thieves guild comes in a close second though. Gotta love sneaking around stealin and murderin, gotta hide yo kids and hide yo wife, else i might've murdered em all and stole all the shiny objects :d. Out of all the DLC, My favorite HAS to be the thieves Den. I really like the fact that you could send out a pirate crew to go plundering and robbing out on the high sea's for you. I never did get to play the fighters stronghold DLC, so i don't know if it would be my favorite or not. But Frostcraig and deepscorn hallow just didn't match up to the thieves den in my eyes.

 Now, Those of you whom played Oblivion on the pc surely know that it can be modded to the kajesus, and it becomes a completely different game, that just happens to look the same. I happened to come across this mod pack, the instructions where extremely easy to follow, but low and behold, my computer could not run it in the slightest. all the beautiful new stuff i could have experienced, died and exploded when my computer was too old and run down to be able to play it. Oh well, Here's the mod pack. Yes it a torrent, but every single item inside of it 100% FREE, so you are not pirating any kind of software in the slightest. Tcom v2 To me the instructions were very clear and precise, make sure you follow them to the letter else it will probably backfire in your face.

The video is from one of the mods inside this pack Called Fcom, I could never get it to work for me, and the pack made it unplayable on my PoS computer. I Hope you good luck and many fun adventures in this mod pack

If you guys need, i can supply invites to the site, but im sure you get a free 10gigs of download before you have to sign up

And this concludes my oblivion post, i hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings.

Oh Minecraft

Minecraft. The game where you dig, punch, chop, shovel, and farm your way to luxury for your in game avatar.
I Love Minecraft. I can't deny it. I've wasted at least a week of time, and that isn't even close to the amount some addicts have played. Like this video, i cant imagine how many hours were put into designing, let alone actually building the structure.

And it's simple to pick up. Want to start your grand mansion? Walk over to the nearest tree and punch it. Pretty soon you will have your first log which is the starting place of all great constructs in Minecraft.

Minecraft is supposed to receive another updated soon, Dubbed the Adventure Update, as it appears that its going to add a leveling system, so far a new Mob. dubbd Endermen (Or a possible name change to Farlander). These guys look pretty scary. They seem to be able to pick up blocks, and from the other screenshots, they may have their own towns.

Look at those buildings! I wonder if thats means these guys will act as friendly NPC's you trade and converse with, or you could just end up in  world of pain by coming across their town.
Another thing I personally am looking forward to, is the strongholds, Its a slightly Older update on the patch, but still looks like it adds more personality to the worlds we build our humble or extravagant homes in.

Thats it for my Minecraft post. Have a good day!

Sunday, 7 August 2011



This Game. Between this and Diablo 3, I'll end up losing what little semblance of a social life i currently have. It is, in my opinion, going to be one of the best games released this year. The fact that their looking into being able to mod on consoles would just be awesomely amazingly awesome as the ideas the modding community came up for oblivion ended up in making the game just that much better and added to the replay ability immensely
From the gameplay Video, the game looks amazing, the animations and landscapes, man i can't wait to play this game.

The Collector's Edition looks like a total waste of money though. $150 for a statue for Alduin who is Skyrims main antagonist, an art book and the making of skyrim. Yeah the statue is a whole 12", but $150 just seem a bit excessive.

I'll Try and keep up with updates to skyrim to keep you guys posted!    It won't let me unbold that small bit :/

Oh god please don't explode in my face

I'm really looking forward to this game, and i assume more then a few of you guys are looking forward to it as well. I'm on the fence about the whole real money auction house thing though. At first i was like Oh shit, i could make some pretty decent cash playing this game, but i realized that some people will just buy their way to power, and all the Chinese "gold" farmers will drop the price of all the high end gear to like $0.50. Still,  Here's to hoping i get into the beta

Any other thoughts on this game and the upcoming beta? :P

Hooray for the CFL, too bad the team i cheer for is doing so bad, how do you go from Greycup contender to worst team in the league over an off season. just don't understand it. Go Roughriders!
The CFL is the Canadian football league, so i don't think those who read this follow it all, but life is full of surprises. 

So I've been trying to Learn Starcraft 2. and Well the least i can say is that I'm bad. but ended up in gold, i should never have made it to gold, I'm bronze (on a good day). Been learning new build orders but i just cannot seem to win a single game. Hopefully ill get bumped down to silver. I'll post replays some time, bear in mind, im probably one of the worst Starcraft players in existence.

Thats it for my first blog post, hopefully the first in a long period of blog posts. :d
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