Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dragon Age Origins

I just picked this game up. Yeah I'm a little late on playing it, cause the second one is already out, but it still a fantastic game. I pick a rogue :d

The story is cool.Pretty captivating in my opinion. But i do not like the 20minute speeches some of the characters you encounter oh so enjoy telling you. Yeah become too easy to just skip then miss some important info that you didn't realize you needed. and forgot how to use the stupid quest log thing. Cause thats just how i roll.

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up. send you guy to attack and click some buttons every once in a while. Choosing what skills you use and keeping health mana or stamina up is fun. As long as you don't get  owned from not having enough potions and the huge boss dude just owned you. I'm only like level 8 or so, but picking the stats and stuff seemed pretty easy to completely screw up your character, so i just keep hitting auto level, I want to enjoy the game, not be punished= due to i didn't know what the balls i was doing.

I'm still playing through the game, and it appears to be a very long game itself. Hope the DLC's are all just as good as the actual game. :d I'll post more when i have finished the game!


  1. It's a really nice game, have fun by playing it!

  2. I have the same problems! Can't remember how to do stuff in the middle of the game!

  3. i have DAO2 but havent played it

  4. DAO is a great game. Do not think lengthy dialogue is a bad thin in a role playing game.


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